Vittel Natural Spring Mineral Water

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Vittel® Natural Mineral Water emerges from deep in the lush natural environment of the Vosges Mountains, where the rocks provide its unique mineral content. This long voyage starts in the heart of the Vittel basin's lush and varied natural environment with its harmonious medley of thousands of plant and animal species, then continues past underground rocks containing minerals typical of the region. It takes many years for the water to complete this journey, during which time it naturally acquires a unique mineral composition and deliciously balanced taste, before being bottled at source to preserve all its qualities.

Vittel® natural mineral water refreshes the body and mind with each mouthful and can be taken with you wherever you go, helping you make the most of every moment. Whether you're playing sport, at the office, at the dining table or on the go, there is a bottle available to suit your needs.


Vittel PET Bottle 500ml. Vittel PET Bottle 1500ml. Vittel Glass Bottle 750ml.