Pinnacle Gastro Showroom & Training Center

In October 2015, driven by passion and love for tea and coffee, we have opened the Pinnacle Gastro Training Center. Conveniently located in Sathorn, Bangkok, the Pinnacle Gastro Showroom & Training Center offers a unique experience for all tea and coffee enthusiasts. Our team of baristas and tea masters will walk you through the exciting world of coffee and tea. Follow the journey of your favorite beverages from the very beginning, taste coffee and tea from around the world, learn all you need to know about the latest trends and practice your skills on the range of professional semi-automatic and automatic coffee systems.

The friendly atmosphere, experienced guidance and equipment used by professionals worldwide create an ideal environment for team trainings and for everyone who wishes to discover the story of the two most popular beverages in the world.

Tea Master Class   Beginner Coffee Class   Intermediate Coffee Class

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