Matcha, the teas of teas


The next Superfood Trend Beverage for Hotels and Top Gastronomy

Matcha, the tea of teas – is suddenly popping up in menus at Bangkok hotspots, as well as in Instagram feeds of Thai Celebrities. But what exactly is Matcha and why is everyone talking about it? Matcha is a fine, green tea powder that has been ground between granite mill stones. Matcha is used for the traditional preparation of the Japanese tea ceremony and finds its roots in Zen Buddhism. Matcha green tea contains large amounts of antioxidants and caffeine and therefore provides an energy boost throughout the day, but without any undesirable side effects. Besides the energy boost, Matcha also helps to burn calories and boosts your metabolism. Research shows that one cup of Matcha green tea is equivalent to ten cups of green tea in terms of its nutritional value and antioxidant content.

Matcha Horai from Ronnefeldt is an organic, rare, high-quality Matcha tea. It is a sweet and mild Matcha with a soft and pleasant taste. A delightful experience for every Matcha lover. 

Posted on: 18.08.2016


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