Introducing the long awaited Fentimans Tonic Water & Rose Lemonade, organically brewed magic in your cocktail preparation!

We are thrilled to introduce Fentimans Tonic Water & Rose Lemonade. Each bottle holds 125 ml or 200 ml of organically brewed tonic water or rose lemonade which is ideal for a single serve pour either at the comfort and leisure of your home or when meeting up friends at any sky bars or the now trendy speakeasy bars which are popping up in a lot of neighborhoods around Bangkok!

Fentimans is great as a refreshing beverage or if a small indulgence is called, adding a shot of premium distilled gin like Tanqueray Top Ten or St. Germain would be a perfect finish to a day’s sweat and work! We have prepared some tasty and delicious recipes so please do not hesitate to consult us whenever you feel like you need a drink. 

Posted on: 27.04.2016


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