Cafés Richard Single Origin Sumatra Orang Utan: A special story to share

Some of you may know our  Cafés Richard Single Origin Beans from the Grand Cru Collection. Single Origin means that the coffee beans come from one coffee plantation only. One our Grand Crus is Sumatra Orang Utan and there is a special story to share here. 

Cafés Richard is focused on sustainable development and is actually a leader on fair trade coffee in the HORECA market. One of their projects is the "Orangutan Project" which encourages ecological and sustainable coffee plantation. This project also fights the progressive destruction of tropical forests, the habitat of the orangutans. The orangutans are a critically endangered species and we need to do something now to ensure these amazing and intelligent creatures will be here in the future. 

50% of the profit per kg of exported green beans goes back to the project which helps the orang utans. Cafés Richard is the only one who proposes this coffee of Sumatra, from the terroir of gayo highlands, appreciated for its aromatic complexity to the notes of dried fruit.


Posted on: 04.12.2015


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