Welcoming long weekend with Ronnefeldt teatail

You know what they say; tea is always a good idea. The same could be said about teatails :) Fresh new trend brings you a variety of cocktails based on tea. We have already showed you how to easily prepare English Breakfast Mojito. Have you tried?

This week’s cocktail is called Fruity Passion. It combines freshness of Sencha tea with fruity notes of lychee, mango and lemon.

Fruity Passion

For one teatail you will need:

3 oz Tanqueray infused with Ronnefeldt Fruity Sencha Tea

1 ½ oz Mango Juice

¾ oz Lychee Syrup

¾ oz Lemon Juice

How to prepare:

First, infuse Tanqueray with tea. It is easier than you might be thinking. Use 1 tea spoon of tea leaves for 120 ml. Add the tea leaves into the drink and leave them there for at least 5 hours. A great tip would be to infuse over the night. You don’t have to worry; the infusion will not turn bitter :)

Once you have your infusion ready, pour all the ingredients into the shaker and shake well. After, strain into the glass with crushed ice.

Glassware: High stem glass

Garnish: A slice of mango and fresh mint leaves

As always, best enjoyed with your friends! 


Posted on: 22.10.2015


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