Weekend calls for a Tea.Tail!

Friday has arrived and it is time to celebrate the weekend with some alcohol! Have you heard of Tea.Tails?

Tea.Tails, also known as Tea Cocktails are becoming more and more popular all over the world. No wonder; a refreshing and unexpected combo of freshly brewed tea mixed with a variety of ingredients does not sound bad at all, right? Even though it is always fun to enjoy a drink or two in a cocktail club, you do not have to be a professional bartender to surprise your friends with a nice drink.

There are many Tea.Tails you can explore. Here is one of our favourites!



English Breakfast Mojito

To prepare this tasty drink, perfect for a warm night, we are using Ronnefeldt English Breakfast loose tea.


1 ½ oz Ronnefeldt English Breakfast Tea

¾ oz White Rum

¾ oz Mojito Syrup

¾ oz Lime Juice

¾ oz Sugar Syrup

3-5 pcs. Fresh Mint Leaves

Soda Water

Crushed Ice

1 tbs. Brown Sugar

⅕ Lime


  1. Add Lime and Brown Sugar into the glass

  2. Gently press on Lime to release juice

  3. Add Lime Juice, Mojito Syrup, White Rum and chilled Ronnefeldt English Breakfast Tea

  4. Clap Fresh Mint Leaves and add them into the cocktail

  5. Add crushed ice

  6. Top up with Soda Water

  7. Stir well

Garnish: Fresh Mint Sprig
Glassware: Old Fashioned Glass
Tip: Best enjoyed with a bunch of friends!

Posted on: 02.10.2015


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