Mid-Autumn Festival is coming: Mooncake & Ronnefeldt Tea Pairing Guide

Even though rainy season brings in gloomy days, there is always something to look forward to. Cheer up, Mid-Autumn Festival is coming! Delicious mooncakes in all your favorite flavors, the sky full of lanterns and time spent with family and friends.
A good combination of a mooncake and a cup of tea must be one of the best things ever. Having so many flavors, pairing might get tricky though! Have no worries, our team of Ronnefeldt TeaMasters put together this easy guide to help you create the best menu for this special time of the year.

Traditional Mooncakes go nicely with black teas, such as those originating from Darjeeling or semi-fermented Oolong teas. A great example would be a cup of Spring Darjeeling paired with Lotus Seed with Salted Egg Yolk flavored mooncake as the delicate lightness of the tea will complement a very traditional taste of the cake.
Fruity Mooncakes have so many flavors – mango, dried fruits with nuts, mixed fruits! Some of them are quite unexpected (Have you tried Durian flavor yet?) Your choice in this case is clear - Pair with a flavorful tea with fruity aroma such as Morgentau, Fruity Sencha or Mango Dream.
Dessert Inspired Mooncakes, such as Chestnuts & Macadamia or Custard are getting more and more popular.  These lovely flavors will match perfectly with naturally sweet flavored teas. Try Strawberry Fields with naturally fresh notes of fruits, aromatic Vanilla or Red Roses.


There is a tea for every flavor so have fun pairing :)

Photo credit: JW Marriott, Bangkok



Posted on: 21.07.2015


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