Weekend tip: SUNDAY BRUNCH

We have the perfect weekend tip for you: a playful combination of breakfast and lunch, brunch! Do not wait any longer, roll up your sleeves and invite your family and friends over for a lovely Sunday brunch. Here are a few things that might be helpful:
Timing: Traditionally, brunch is served from late morning until 2 or 3pm. 
Food menu: Brunch combines two meals of the day – breakfast and lunch, so the menu needs to include both breakfast and lunch dishes. Keep in mind that the menu needs to be rich enough to get your guests through the whole day. Making everyone happy might be a challenge but this easy tip will make it easier for you. The secret is to include something from each of the food groups – diary, meat/protein, fruits, vegetables and grains.
The best advice is to keep the menu simple; you can play it safe with traditional international cuisine; however local recipes will add a personalized touch and introduce new dishes to your guests.  We say the best is to find a balance.
Drink menu is not less important! You can serve fresh brewed tea and include traditional breakfast tea such as Ronnefeldt English Breakfast. A convenient tip is to use Ronnefeldt TeaCaddy. The loose leaf tea is portioned in a tea filter ready to fit your teapot which makes serving the tea very easy. For all green tea drinkers, consider all times favourite Ronnefeldt Jasmine Gold Summer or something special such as Morgentau. Be sure you have at least one caffeine free option, for example, Ronnefeldt Refreshing Mint and Fruity Chamomile are both very popular brunch teas. Coffee has its stable place at any brunch table. Besides a nice hot coffee feel free to try a refreshing cold drip. Get inspired by various brewing methods here.

 And that is it :)  Enjoy brunching! 

Posted on: 01.04.2015


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