#HowTo: Throw the best Afternoon Tea Party

We know what you are probably thinking; Alice, Mad Hatter and White Rabbit, ladies wearing pastel coloured Victorian dresses and British gentlemen from Georgian era wearing hats and carrying a walking stick contemplating about politics and trade. However, wait a moment and give an afternoon tea party a chance because tea parties are not happening only in Wonderland anymore!
An afternoon tea party can be a wonderful event for everyone! It is easily organised and suitable for many occasions, both formal and informal. For example, afternoon tea adds a touch of vintage luxury to any bridal shower, graduation celebration or birthday party. It also offers a great time for networking during a business meeting and turns a usual family catch up into an unforgettable event. Weekend is around the corner so wait no longer and throw a stylish Saturday afternoon tea party for your friends and family!
Timing: The tradition of tea parties has been evolving over the time. The perfect time would be from mid to late afternoon when everyone has a craving for something sweet or salty. Prepare all the food before your guests arrive. Buffet style or passing plates (the decision is entirely on you) allows you to spend more time with your guests.
Food: Surprise everyone with delicious finger food and sweet cookies. Traditionally served lemony crab & cucumber clubs, smoked salmon and avocado sandwiches, classic scones with jam and clotted cream, shortbread, chocolate biscuits, lemon and lavender fondant fancies, coconut-ice marshmallows and Danish pastries will do the trick but feel free to serve whatever you like.
Tea: Get your best teapots, cups and saucers ready and offer your guests a selection of three to five teas they can choose from. Be sure to include a traditional black tea, classic green tea and a caffeine free infusion. For example, popular Ronnefeldt Earl Grey, refreshing Ronnefeldt Fruity Sencha and relaxing herbal infusion such as Ronnefeldt Chamomile. Brew and serve your teas just in time, so your guests get to enjoy the fresh taste! To accommodate different tastes of your guests, be sure to prepare slices of lemon, fresh cream and sugar.
Tip for special occasions: For special events you’d better plan a bit more. It is always nice to receive an old school paper invitation. Create your own one! Try tea painting or tea bag painting and make it into a piece of personalised art work. Surprise a recipient and pop a DIY tea bag into an envelope, or think of a fun dress code! No limits for your creativity :)
Good luck and have fun!

Posted on: 13.03.2015


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