#DIY Coffee Pot Terrarium

We adore this little up-cycle project. It is very easy, literally everyone can do it! You probably need less than 15 minutes to create this charming addition to your office desk, kitchen or living room. Let’s get started!
What you need: 1. Coffee pot (glass tea pot will do the job just as well) 2. Mini air plants 3. White sand 4. Little rocks 5. Decorations (use what you like best; colourful gemstones, shells, moss, little things you like – creativity has no limits!)
Once you have it all ready, cover the floor of the pot with white sand, add some rocks and decorations and arrange your plants. Find a nice spot for your new terrarium and that is it!
Now, enjoy your cup of coffee and admire your work! Well done :)
Do not forget to take care of your air plants. Mist them every morning, give them enough light but you’d better not place them in direct sunlight. Good care will pay off; this little pop of greenery will brighten up any space.
Source: A Charming project by Enid. 

Posted on: 23.02.2015


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