Coffee brewing methods: Have you found your favourite yet?

There is a whole science behind the taste of your beloved cup of coffee. Besides the quality of beans that go in, the brewing method affects the final flavour, nutrition and caffeine content. There is a range of methods; from basic, quick and straightforward single serve to a slow and steady Chemex.
Single serve – Easy way how to quickly grab your cup in the morning. Insert a little pod inside the machine and your morning coffee is ready in a bit.
Standard drip – You surely know this fast and traditional method from your parent’s place or American movies. Simply pour water over ground coffee beans in an automatic machine and that is it. The coffee is considered pretty healthy since the filter absorbs most of the natural oils that can drive your cholesterol up. Other side of the story is that the coffee loses its bold and earthly flavour.
French Press – Perfect solution for those on the go. Throw the grounds in the pitcher and add heated water. Steep for five minutes and when you are ready for a drink, just push the strainer down and what you get is a freshly brewed steaming cup of coffee.
Cold brew – Very trendy these days! Nice and healthy, but you will need to wait for a while before you can enjoy your coffee; the grounds are steeped up for 12 hours! Using cold water, all natural flavours are brought out so the final product is crispy and sweeter than a traditional hot coffee you are probably used to.
The “Cowboy” Method – A trend once popular among campers and backpackers got recently popularized. Heat the coffee beans and water on a little flame and watch carefully. Once the water begins to boil, sprinkle just a bit of cool water into the pot. And that is it, you are ready to serve. Really handy for outdoor activities! However, you might find it a bit bitter since nothing is filtered.
AeroPress – Very easy, just pour and push and super-fast, you will have your coffee ready in 60 seconds.  Important thing is to let the boiled water cool for about a minute as boiling water would make your coffee really bitter. So have it hot, but not boiling.
Chemex – The history of the Chemex reaches back to the 1940s. Luckily, the method is experiencing a comeback in a “third wave of coffee”. Chemex uses a very thick filter which creates the smooth and pure flavour of the coffee.
Source: Paste Magazine and The Kitchn

Posted on: 18.02.2015


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