Paris: A Guide To Coffee In The Marais

Strada Cafe Paris Marais Sprudge: Tucked into a small space on Rue de Temple, if you weren’t looking for Strada Café you might miss it, and that would be a shame. This is a cozy space, the kind of place where you could pass the gray, Parisian wintery months in comfort. Strada serves locally roasted L’Arbre à Café, and the pour over can be ordered in three different sizes. Aussies will be happy to know that there’s a flat white on the menu, and if for some reason you’ve overdosed on coffee recently, there are freshly made juices to be had. Strada Café is located at 94 rue du Temple. Boot Cafe Paris Marais Sprudge: Housed in an old shoe repair place, it’s fitting that this tiny coffee bar is called Boot Cafe. In fact it feels as if you’re squeezing into one, this space is so small. But that also makes it cozy, and super easy to make new friends. The scones are housemade and the coffee is local as well. It also functions as a bit of a gallery space, currently there are funky mugs for sale by Echo Park Pottery. Boot Cafe is located at 19 rue du Pont aux Choux. Cafe Pinson Paris Marais Sprudge: If you’re vegan in Paris there aren’t a lot of places to take refuge in, but Cafe Pinson is one of them. While more of a cafe dedicated to food, the cozy space is nice for settling in with a morning coffee. The beans comes from Coutume, and it can be whipped into a variety of vegan-friendly lattes (if that’s your jam). Cafe Pinson located at 6 rue du Forez. A bit farther but worth mentioning is La Caféotheque: While not in the heart of the Marais, you can’t really talk about craft coffee in Paris without mentioning La Caféotheque. Opened 9 years ago, it’s where many of today’s popular baristas trained, and it was essentially one of the first places in town that was referenced as a spot to get “good coffee” and not the typical Parisian, over-roasted and over-extracted stuff that offended the coffee journalists (if in fact being a coffee journalist is a thing). They continue to roast and sell coffees from around the world in a cozy, no-frills setting. Located at 52, rue de l’Hôtel-de-Ville. Anna Brones(@annabrones) is a desk writer based in Paris

Posted on: 28.09.2014


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