Ethical Tea Partnership

The Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) is a non-profit membership organization that has a vision of a thriving tea industry that is socially just and environmentally sustainable. The organization, which was formed in 1997, was originally called the Tea Sourcing Partnership until it changed to its current name in 2004. The ETP and its members which include some of the largest tea companies in the world, share the overall goals of improving the sustainability of tea production, the lives of tea workers and the environment in which tea is produced. ETP focuses on improving supply chains and works closely with certification programs and other development organizations and NGOs to help producers improve internationally recognized social, labor and environmental standards. Jan-Berend Holzapfel, proprietor of Ronnefeldt explains the reason of joining ETP: “When it comes to quality standards and ethical values, it is important to speak with one voice if change is to happen! It was therefore important for Ronnefeldt to join the ETP as they are unifying the industry to improve tea sustainability and the livelihood of those that depend on tea production for a living.” Over the last few years ETP has undergone significant developments. It covers more tea-producing regions than ever and its international team has expanded with staff based in Kenya, Melawi, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and China along with a London-based secretariat. Together with a set of partner organizations, the team runs a range of projects and programs that tackle social, labor, economic and environmental issues holding back tea sustainability. The ETP Global Standard covers all key principles of the main certification programs operating in tea. To increase impact and to reduce the audit burden for producers, collaborative agreements were made between the ETP and Rainforest Alliance, Utz Certified in 2009, and with Fairtrade in 2010. ETP’s Executive Director, Sarah Roberts is an internationally recognized expert in sustainable development. Sarah started her career at the International Institute for Environment and Development along having served in different roles in Corporate Social Responsibility organizations. “It is great to welcome Ronnefeldt from Germany because their focus on quality and service to demanding and discerning customers in the service industry will be an asset to our organization. Their membership demonstrates how business customers and consumers alike are increasingly concerned with provenance and ethical supply”, commented Sarah on Ronnefeldt joining the partnership. For more information, please visit

Posted on: 05.02.2014


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