Ronnefeldt wins “BESTMARKE” (BEST BRAND) for the Tea Category

Ronnefeldt has received the award of “BESTMARKE” (BEST BRAND) in the Tea Category” from the well-respected trade publication AHGZ. The AHGZ conducted the image study of tea in its own category for the first time in 2013/2014. In the past, tea and coffee were tested in a single category “Hot Beverages”. The grounds given by the 400-participant panel, comprised of representatives from the German hotel industry and restaurants, were consistent high quality, reliability and outstanding service performance. Ronnefeldt achieved 1st Place in all four criteria. Surprisingly both the consumers (use Ronnefeldt Tee) and those acquainted with the brand (know of Ronnefeldt but have not used its products) accorded the Ronnefeldt brand extremely positive ratings. “This is a partner on whom one can always rely as restaurateur or hotelier. The company offers good customer service with good all-round consultation and good personal support in the case of questions or problems”, responded over 90% of Ronnefeldt customers in the study. Ronnefeldt’s proprietor Jan-Berend Holzapfel is very happy about winning the distinction BESTMARKE (BEST BRAND) 2013/2014 in the Tea Category. “It is a great achievement that reflects the work and competence of our entire team”. In the past years Ronnefeldt Tea took decisive steps to position the brand as a quality supplier and innovative tea brand in the German hotel industry and also beyond the borders. This positioning finds expression in new product lines, well-designed presentation systems and glass and porcelain collections, robust hot water appliances and a sophisticated, multi-level training program. With its 190 years of tea competence, Ronnefeldt has developed holistic concepts for the many opportunities to enjoy tea in a hotel day, from early morning tea and the perfect pot for breakfast, a mug for conference breaks and high tea in the late afternoon, through to indulgence in the spa or an “iced tea cocktail at the bar”. In all cases, Ronnefeldt uses only high quality leaves from the best tea gardens in the world. A decisive criteria, that was also clearly indicated in the overall service profile assessment: the competent, individual and solution-oriented consultation and support provided by the entire Ronnefeldt specialist consulting team. “We have a team of highly motivated field staff, who hold a finger on the pulse of the customer front”, explains proprietor Jan-Berend Holzapfel with pride. The AHGZ image study evaluated seven leading market participants from the German tea branch in a telephone questionnaire conducted in May and August 2013. The respondents evaluated the profile dimensions of quality/product performance, image and service performance. The 1st Place went to Ronnefeldt in the following categories: Quality/Product Performance “The products show sustained high quality” = 96% (1st Place) Image “The company is a partner on whom one can always rely as restaurateur or hotelier.” = 94 % (1st Place) Service Performance The company offers a good customer service = 94% (1st Place) The company offers good, comprehensive consultation = 94 % (1st Place) The company offers personal support for queries and problems = 91 % (1st Place) The company provides information about new products= 81 % (1st Place) Importance of the profile criteria user/overall evaluation by positive points User Conclusion - Image Ronnefeldt = 93 % (1st Place together with another tea company) User Conclusion – Service Performance Ronnefeldt = 90 % (1st Place) User Conclusion – Overall Profile Ronnefeldt = 90 % (1st Place)

Posted on: 06.12.2013


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