"ORIGINE FRANCE GARANTIE" label for the Rumba, Stella di Caffè, and Tango lines!

Awarded by Bureau Veritas, the "Origine France Garantie" label ensures French knowhow and guarantees the product's origins for the most sensitive and attentive customers and consumers. Unic's award of the label "Origine France Garantie" is applied to its three major lines: Rumba, Stella di Caffè, and Tango. These labeled machines represent a dual principle: at least 50% of their per unit cost is made in France, and their essential features possess a French origin as well. The espresso machine's boilers, frames and panels are entirely designed and made at the Unic factory, located a few miles outside of Nice. For Unic, receiving this label is the proud recognition of 90 years of experience in the industry of espresso machine manufacturing.

Posted on: 26.03.2013


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