Tour of Yunnan China

Towards the end of the spring harvest of 2013, we were privileged to be able to travel to some remote tea gardens in Yunnan province, China. Our enthusiastic tea group visited Yi Wu Shan, Jingmai Shan and Menghai with our base in Jinghong. With this visit, we learned a lot of the hill tribe communities, its economic dependency and the way highly prized teas such as Pu Er Sen-Cha, Pu Er Shou-Cha, Tou-Cha are patiently hand-crafted. We were also lucky to have tasted some highly sort after Sen-Cha from spring 2013 harvest. With this tour, we hope to explore more in the coming seasons to Shizouka, Sri Lanka and Darjeeling. Hope you would like to join us.

Event on: 07.05.2013


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