Autumn in Shanghai at JW Marriott, Bangkok

What a wonderful atmosphere at JW Marriott Bangkok "Autumn in Shanghai" event. Delicious mooncakes with the most unexpected flavours, breathtaking dresses, champagne and Ronnefeldt teas. Not to forget a great company :) 

Colours of "Autumn in Shanghai"
Blue: Water element to represent progress in your life.
Pink: Earth element to represent love and caring.
Green: Wooden element represent good health.
Red: Fire element to represent wealth and fame.

Our TeaMasters have chosen a special selection of teas to represent colours of Shanhai Autumn and mixed refreshing English Breakfast Mojito and revitalizing Rooibos&Lemon Iced tea full of fresh flavours of lemon grass.

Thank you very much for having us!

Photo courtesy: JW Marriott, Bangkok

Event on: 07.07.2015


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