Sweet Weekend at The White Flower, Bakery & Restaurant

What a wonderful weekend at The White Flower, Bakery & Restaurant!

Sweet bites • Tea Tasting with Ronnefeldt • Third Wave of Coffee with Cafés Richard

Tea Tasting with Ronnefeldt TeaMaster: Guests had a chance to enjoy a selection of Ronnefeldt teas including popular flavoured teas Morgentau, Fruity Sencha and Strawberry Fields, traditional afternoon teas from Ceylon and Ronnefeldt specialty from Teastar collection, Smoked China. 

The Third Wave of Coffee Brew Bar: You may already know, that there are many factors affecting a final taste of your coffee. For example, the growing region plays is huge part. We believe that the best way how to explain the difference is to let everyone taste :) That is why our barista Karn was serving two Cafés Richard Single Origin coffee beans: Sumatra coming from tropical forests with the hints of dried fruits and Colombie coming all the way from snow-covered volcanoes with the hints of apricot and milk chocolate.  

Besides the origin of the coffee beans, a brewing method plays also a very important role as the time and water temperature affect the taste and strenght of your coffee. Our Third Wave of Coffee Brew bar introduced three very different brewing methods - Cold Drip, Chemex brewing and brewing with Syphon coffee-maker (also known as vacuum coffee maker). The guests had an opportunity to compare the results of the three methods. Cold drip is a very slow process based on cold extraction which leads to sweet and refreshing taste. It is a perfect summer drink and you can learn more about it here. On the other hand, Chemex and Syphon use hot water. What is the difference between these two? Chemex brewing is a slower process which results into a stronger coffee with higher acidity compared to a coffee brewed with syphon :)


Thank you for having us!


Event on: 22.05.2015


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