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Over the past 21 years Le Verre de Vin technology has been firmly established as the world's leading, commercial grade, wine and Champagne preservation solution. With nearly 40,000 customers in some 87 countries, Bermar (International) Ltd, based in the U.K, are delighted to work with Pinnacle Gastro as their Exclusive Distributor in the Thai and Malaysian markets.

Choose from a range of stand-alone preservation systems or high impact 'by the glass' cabinet solutions – each includes proven, patented technology; best for price, best for performance and best for your business.

By installing a Le Verre de Vin / Pod Bar system in your business you'll be completely freeing up the ability to serve premium wines and Champagnes 'by the glass', without having to worry about serving a bad glass of wine to your guests, whilst also importantly completely eliminating the issue of wastage.

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